Virtual Device

An interactive visual model of the device which enables users to explore device and service functionalities.

In a pre-sale support situation users would like to get a feeling of the device they are about to purchase; what is the ANDROID look'n'feel? What does the email client look like? How does Facebook or Twitter work on this device? In a post-sale support situation, equally, CSRs are often left in the dark when users explain how they try to accomplish specific tasks on their device. In many organizations CSRs often have to queue up to get physical access to the device in order to re-create the same situation - a process that significantly increases the average call handling time.

Solution benefits

  • Free roaming to the 3rd level of the menu structure of the device.
  • Options for including support for operator VAS and Global Internet services.
  • Device navigation by pressing the same keys as on the physical device.
  • If used in combination with the Interactive Guides module, a dynamic updated list of corresponding how-to-guides is presented at any navigation point.

The Virtual Device module excels in its value for both customers and customer service reps, as it enables them to virtually navigate the device down to the 3rd level of the menu structure, as if they were using the physical device itself. It is a valuable tool not only for pre-sale but also at post-sale, as it enables customer service representatives to understand what the users try to accomplish and why problems occur.

The tool is equally suitable for implementation in internal as well as external support channels. The tool can be represented on the Internet and in retail stores, and is essential for assisting customers in the decision making phase of purchasing a new device. In retail outlets, the virtual device would, in combination with a touch screen implementation, unquestionably, stand out as a state-of the-art user experience.

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