VAS/G-VAS Tutorials

Installation, configuration and basic usage guides for operator value added services and global online services.

As operators continue to deliver cutting-edge applications, and popular online services like Facebook and YouTube are gradually moving into the mobile universe, the derived support challenges are more complex than ever. Fact is that many customers need help to install the apps, before they can actually benefit from the services. Recent analyses show that nine out of the top-25 most popular support inquiries are associated with VAS or global online services. Evidently, the demand for support exists and operators should meet the demand as it is regarded as the most significant network traffic driver.

Solution benefits

  • A detailed set of instructions for popular global online services in addition to mobile operator specific VAS.
  • Each tutorial shows the user how to install, configure and initially use the device.
  • The VAS/G-VAS tutorials can easily be accessed from promotional sub-sites to create a wider awareness and increase service adoption rates.
  • Open platform for integration of 3rd party knowledge base and content management systems
  • Advanced search, link and email-to-customer functionality.
  • Content searchable from Google (and other search engines).

VAS/G-VAS Tutorials enable you to help your subscribers take advantage of the full potential of mobile communication. And while educating users in accessing their favorite online service on their device, you do not only provide a good service but more importantly you boost your ARPU.

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