Telstra : Australia

Telstra is the largest telecommunications provider in Australia and offers a large range of products and services, ranging from tele networks and mobile devices to pay-per-view TV and other entertainment products and services.
The company is head-quartered in Melbourne with a subscriber base of 8.000.000 customers in Australia. Telstra counts more than 30.000 employees.

Opting for the Mobile SupportWare high-end content package, Telstra addresses the majority of all device related support inquiries in call centers and on Telstra's support pages on the company website. The content is delivered in a fully rendered responsive solution (optimized for both desktop and mobile) that has been designed according to Telstra's design guidelines.The support pages are rendered by Speedperform to ensure an effortless integration, an intuitive user journey and that all maintenance work will reside with Speedperform moving forward.

Explore the solution live at the Telstra customer care portal.