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Search engine visibility of Internet self-service offerings is a key to drive business benefits from the investment in a device support solution.
With years of experience and a continuous commitment to innovate, Speedperform is bringing the best SEO device support solutions to the market.
Client cases prove that "case solved" can improve by as much as 50% with the correct approach leading to an even stronger ROI.

Support Channels

Speedperform Mobile SupportWare is a true multi-channel solution, ensuring that the end user will receive the same consistent information across all customer touch-points.

SEO optimized Website

More than 10 years of experience enables us to create the best interactive self-service applications leading to a 70%+ success rate in customer inquiries. In turn, this results in a call deflection rate of up to 48% measured for existing clients.

Call Center

Supporting CSRs in handling complex device support inquires through either a standalone application or seamless integrated into existing knowledgebase or CRM tools.

In addition to a reduction in average call handling time (AHT) of up to 67%, the solution efficiently increases first call resolution (FCR) and decreases call escalation. 

Retail outlets (POS)

Creating a true assisted or non-assisted in-store self-service experience. For pre-sale inquiries customers are able to store their transaction and complete online at their convenience. For post-sale support the solution efficiently empowers retails staff to handle complex inquiries at first hand.

On-device support – Mobile Access

Years of experience proves that providing on-device support is key and growing in importance to subscribers. Push solution links through text messages or at SIM activation drives up usage of the on-device support channel. Today this channel is a key part of the operator support strategy and accounts for up to 20% of the total number of support inquiries.

Social Media

Re-use instructional device videos on YouTube and Vimeo as a real self-service alternative to the conventional web channel or deploy engaging Facebook pre-sale applications for new product launches.