WorldManuals is renaming to Speedperform

As of 23 January 2017, WorldManuals is renaming to Speedperform.

Since our very first commercial deployment of device support solutions we have been defining and shaping the global landscape of mobile device support solutions. Solutions that, over the years, have evolved from a simple collection of guides to advanced technical solutions with a broad feature-set seamlessly integrated with our clients’ customer-facing productivity systems.

So, to cut it short, our previous name WorldManuals does no longer do our actual services justice, therefore we are becoming Speedperform.

We will continue to innovate and shape the future of device support done right by productising 15 years of best practice from self-service, agent-facing and point-of-sale retail solutions and together with our strategic alliance partners we look forward to bringing new engaging solutions to the market.

Let’s Speedperform…