Vodafone Group re-appoints WorldManuals

Following a successful RFQ process, Vodafone Group has, for the third consecutive time, selected WorldManuals as their vendor for provisioning of mobile device support content.

In August 2004, WorldManuals provided Vodafone Spain with the first device support solution. This implementation was followed by an RFQ process which resulted in a group-wide agreement in 2006. Following multiple succesful implementations, Vodafone assessed the global market for device support solutions in 2010 and again WorldManuals was selected as the vendor to ensure Vodafone would have the best-of-breed device support tools available to internal and external users. 

Consequently, WorldManuals is proud to announce that we have been re-appointed as the vendor of the mobile device support solution for Vodafone and that today we are an integrated part of the overall device support strategy at Vodafone.