Supporting non-mobile devices and mobile apps

Triggered by increasing complexity leading to high cost-to-serve, WorldManuals is addressing the market for self-service for non-mobile devices such as TV set-top boxes and other fixed-line products like modems and routers. Today support for these devices has been adopted by many of our clients including Vodafone Group and Telefonica Group and the results are significant with an increase in self-service inquiries of more than 250% in the past 6 months.

Content creation for these products requires WorldManuals to deploy an onsite group of native speaking technical writers and visual editors working closely with the client to achieve the high quality characterising a WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare solution.

Another evolving trend is support for mobile apps. For many years, WorldManuals has created device specific support content for mobile operator specific apps such as “My Vodafone” as well as native apps for global internet services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, however, recent focus to ensure successful adoption rates for new services has fueled the demand for support for any type of apps – be it device specific or by operating system (Android and/or iOS). WorldManuals supports a full range of TV service apps for DStv Media in 50+ countries in Africa - a key element of the DStv Media customer support strategy.

For more information, please contact your WorldManuals representative.