Telefónica Movistar launches Mobile SupportWare

Upon winning an RFP, the Telefónica Movistar group – in total 14 operations – has now launched Mobile SupportWare.
After having offered our services for more than 2 years to Telefónica in Chile, the rest of the group also decided to launch the WorldManuals support solution. The RFP was awarded in June and the first operations were launched in late July. As most of the countries had a substantial amount of legacy content a special agreement was reached, ensuring Telefónica that no previous content investments would be lost. The solution adds support for website, mobile, call center as well as various third party integrations. A retail solution is expected to be launched before end of 2014.
Telefónica is one of the largest mobile operators in the world. In South and Central America Telefónica has a combined subscriber base of more than 100 million.