Instructional Videos

Clear cut video tutorials for the most frequently inquired device support challenges.

Increased Internet bandwidth has propelled the use of video on the Internet. Today, the youth segment, in particular, is turning to YouTube as their first choice for hints, tips and tricks. This trend, in combination with an increasing demand from mobile operators to get a stronger presence through social media, creates the demand for operator branded device videos. Videos that need to meet subscribers' expectations in relevance and quality. Maintaining an active profile with relevant content can, however, provide a major challenge for mobile operators.

Solution benefits

  • Clear step-by-step video guides for the most frequently occurring support inquires.
  • Topics to be covered vary from device to device and selection is made based on inside knowledge from the Speedperform statistical reporting tools.
  • Options for including support for operator VAS and global Internet services.
  • Fully automated process handled by Speedperform.
  • Direct traffic to website and an increase of awareness (huge impact on search engines).
  • Can be used both as a pre- and post-sales tool.
  • Shows presence and adaptability while maintaining a professional brand image.

Speedperform's Instructional Videos ensure a constant flow of up-to-date content through major video channels. The videos attract customers that prefer video over text and image, and with derived statistical results they are unquestionably a valuable call deflection tool.

Moreover, the module serves as a marketing tool and a support tool. With a typical Speedperform agreement (covering approx. 500 videos added per year) the cross-links will boost SEO and drive traffic to the mobile operator's site while increasing awareness of self service options.