Interactive Guides

Step-by-step guides customized with your settings and services.

Inserting the SIM card, changing network type, configuring email or installing mobile broadband software - this should all be straightforward, but often it is not. The Interactive Guides module contains all the information needed to resolve customer inquiry - whether website, call center or walk-in - in an easy-to-understand format delivered through a user-friendly interface.

Solution benefits

  • Covers entire set of functionalities for each device.
  • Customized to reflect operator settings and services including signature devices.
  • All manuals are indexed, structured and phrased identically.
  • Keystrokes and display output correspond exactly with the photographic representation of mobile devices.
  • Open platform for integration of 3rd party knowledge base and content management systems.
  • Advanced search, link and email-to-customer functionality.
    Content searchable from Google (and other search engines).

On external support channels like websites and on-device solutions, network subscribers benefit from a clear step-by-step structure with accompanying visuals, leading to efficient call deflection for even complex [read: expensive] support inquiries.

Deployed on Intranet and Extranet networks, CSRs and retail staff take advantage of a generic content structure vastly reducing the need for training while driving down average call handling time (AHT), increasing first call resolution and decreasing call escalation.

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