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Global Knowledge Sharing

Experience and knowledge cannot be acquired overnight. Only time and effort create the know-how leading to become among the most applied and recognised vendors of the mobile device support industry globally.  

For more than a decade, Speedperform has implemented more interactive device support solutions than any other vendor on the market. Putting this wealth of experience in play - on a daily basis for our existing clients and whenever we engage in new projects – we ensure our clients clear cut value for their initial investments. Real data is processed and used in sophisticated data sampling tools and in combination with usability testing and feedback from our clients across five continents this creates the best possible user experience. A user experience that represents the optimal blend between client brand identity and ease of use.

More importantly, with a weekly utilisation of more than 1,000,000 how-to-guides originating from more than 1,000 annual device additions across our clients, we ensure that our device support content is always up-to-date reflecting evolution in support demand and the industry’s technology trend evolution.

This dynamic increase in abundance of knowledge is utilised by Speedperform to continuously improve our clients’ solutions and strengthen our position as innovative and responsive. Discovering new opportunities and improving current implementations are measured from two different perspectives – front-end applications and support content.

Any client of Speedperform's joins this platform of Global Knowledge Sharing, which is the very reason why every single solution we deploy continues to evolve in responding optimally to current and future device support inquiries.