Device Troubleshooting

A simple yet sophisticated problem, cause and solution framework designed for troubleshooting the most frequently occurring device and service problems.

The increasing complexity and growing range of handsets present a challenge for both customers and customer service representatives. The Device Troubleshooting module enables your customers and CSRs to find the right solution to specific problems related to device usage. This is done by grouping the problems in topics, presenting the solutions ordered by probability and linking them to related instructions offering further support. Eventually, it efficiently closes the knowledge gap ensuring a high quality and efficient problem solving process - regardless of which support channel your subscribers may choose.

Solutions benefits

  • A continuously updated library of the most occurring device queries, including problem, cause and solution relationship.
  • Dynamic engine to present user with the most efficient path to problem solving.
  • The module serves as an umbrella for all device troubleshooting - even with solutions ranging outside the scope of Interactive Guides.
  • Open platform for integration of 3rd party knowledge base and content management systems.
  • Advanced search, link and email-to-customer functionality.
  • Content searchable from Google (and other search engines).

As customers experience more handset problems and place more calls to contact centers, mobile operators try to keep up with the call volumes while the cost-to-serve continues to increase. Often, customer service representatives are not equipped with the right tools and sufficient knowledge to provide the customers with the help and support they need. This, in turn, results in non-faulty handset returns and call escalation. The Device Troubleshooting module is a straightforward and efficient tool that covers all device functionalities. It reduces the necessity for CSR training while improving support quality, giving customers qualified assistance and thereby avoiding call escalations.

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