2D Images & 3D Models

Improves the online visual experience of the device, making this a
valuable online shopping tool.

Device Specifications

Provide users with a thorough insight into device functionalities.

Virtual Device

An interactive visual model of the device that enables users to explore
device and service functionalities.

Instructional Videos

Clear cut video tutorials for the most frequently occurring
device support challenges.

Interactive Guides

Step-by-Step guides customized with operator settings
and services.

VAS/GVAS Tutorials

Installation, configuration and basic usage guides for operator value added services and global online services.

Device Troubleshooting

Sophisticated problem, cause and solution framework
designed for troubleshooting device and service problems.

The Mobile SupportWare content modules

The Speedperform Mobile SupportWare solution is a toolbox that addresses the increasing complexity of support inquiries. It supports mobile users during the entire product life cycle of their device – from pre-sale to complex post-sale support interactions. 

Pre-sale content for enhanced online shopping experience

The pre-sale content modules – 3D models, Device Specifications and Virtual Device (device simulator) – are designed to enhance the customer’s online shopping experience, leading to increased conversion rates. It is a platform of modules that allows the user to interact and play with the device, providing an engaging first-hand experience.

Post-sale content drives down cost to serve

The post-sale content modules – Instructional videos, Interactive Guides, tutorials for operator VAS and global online services (GVAS) and intelligent Device Troubleshooting – provide an end-to-end solution for assisted call center support, or non-assisted self-service. These post-sale content modules are designed to address the specific user needs, ranging from the initial getting started challenges of using and configuring the device, to complex troubleshooting interactions.