About Speedperform

Speedperform is a privately held company that specialises in delivering mobile support solutions. Since 2002, we have proved to sustain delivery of high-quality mobile device support content to our clients. In return, our clients have gained significant operational efficiency, increased their ARPU and improved customer satisfaction.

What are Speedperform's solutions?

Our solution, Mobile SupportWare, consists of 7 distinct content modules each addressing the specific needs of the user throughout the value chain of owning a device. When deployed at client site, we use a multi-channel strategy ensuring consistent high quality support content is available at all subscriber touch point – website, call center, at point-of –sale, in social media and on-device.

Who are Speedperform's clients?

Speedperform Mobile SupportWare is provided as SaaS to mobile operators worldwide. Maintained centrally and hosted from one of our regional locations we provide our clients with state-of-the-art response time and availability. Current solutions are provided in 16+ languages and continue to increase our global footprint.

To our clients, we represent high quality content, innovative support applications, experience & know-how as well as execution power. That is the reason why multiple tier-1 operators leave the creation and provision of mobile device support content applications up to us.

How is Speedperform different?

At Speedperform we focus on the core problem – conveying technical complex information to non-technical users.

Our skilled team of technical writers has a sincere interest in understanding new and innovative products on the market while at the same time analyzing the derived user challenges.

Our translation and localization teams – native speaking in the target language – are working closely with our clients to not only get the language right but also getting the phrasing and wording to match the corporate language of our clients.

Our innovative visual editing team is using rich media to explore the best way to increase learning and remove uncertainty in the user perception of our content.

But most importantly, all of the above is done while keeping scalability, production lead time and cost in mind ensuring that the solutions we deploy are bringing the anticipated ROI and benefits.